(2. Jahr)

Platz Interpret Titel
1 Meat Loos Life is a lemon and I want my money back
2 Jake Springsteen Jesus he knows me
3 Güldenpenning Go west
4 The Rühling Stones Chaos
5 Mr. Kärcher It's all right
6 Mme Lahr I can't dance
7 B(r)oos Dont know much
8 The Schäfer Brothers Dreaming while you sleep
9 Hennige Dressed for success
10 The Ecksteiners Seven drunken nights in Dublin
11 Schorlemmer Jukebox hero
12 Little Greve Do you remember?
13 Stevie B(öhm) Watercolours in the rain
14 Boris Gerganow feat. East 17 Nineteen
15 Aeroschmitt Cryin'
Thorsten Pohl